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A little about Alysia . . .

Alysia began her career as a creative writer, publishing poetry and fiction, developing and teaching Writing Workshop, and presenting “Writing Workshop: Creative Ideas for Crushing Writer’s Block and Quelling Fear of the Essay” to fellow educators. She was awarded Outstanding Teacher Award: Highest Student Contact Hours, 2008 and Distinguished Teacher Award, 2010.

After years of working with the written word, she decided to add visual communications to her skillset. She now has over 10 years of graphic and multi-media design experience creating projects for non-profits, startups, academic institutions, and other creatives. Comfortable toggling between various media, her body of work encompasses print, digital, and motion graphics, but any medium is fair game. Beyond her versatility in working mediums, she is capable of designing in a variety of styles to meet the distinct needs of clients.

Her other interests include reading, handicrafts, hiking, curating music, spritely conversation, and laughing.



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Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communications, GPA: 4.0

MA in Visual Communication Design, GPA: 3.85

Liberty University


MFA in Web Design & New Media (36 hours completed)

Academy of Art University


BA in English - Creative Writing

University of Washington

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