A little about me . . .

I'm an avid reader, maker, and treasurer of the mostly forgotten pastime of spritely conversation. I love learning new things and helping others learn new things by approaching the subjects with creativity and imagination.

Much like one of my favorite authors, Carson McCullers, I grew up in the South - promptly relocating to the opposite coast and about as far North as one can get upon legally entering adulthood. Despite the new locale, still much of my creative writing, like Carson's, lives and breathes in a southern milieu. "Write what you know," is quite emblematic of my prose and poetry, albeit often completely within the realm of fiction. 

However, I don't necessarily see that in my design work, but I do tend toward exploring whimsy and color frequently, only to often find a muted or darkened or sardonic quality in the final product. I always pursue clarity of imagination and yet, at times, I find the solution to be rather surreal. Ironies of my creative process aside, I thoroughly enjoy creating and, ultimately, discovering something anew with each project, no matter how uncanny or, not surprisingly, faintly reminiscent of the southern gothic.



Liberty University

MA in Visual Communication Design


Academy of Art University

MFA in Web Design & New Media

(36 hours completed)


University of Washington

BA in English - Creative Writing



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